Banijay Group & Jonathan Shalit

3 May, 2020
Banijay Group & Jonathan Shalit
TellyCast Episode 7

InterTalent’s chairman Jonathan Shalit OBE & Banijay Group’s Head of Format Acquisitions Carlotta Rossi Spencer join host and founder of Boom! PR Justin Crosby discuss #TheShowMustBePaused, Temptation Island, lifting lockdown, why breakfast TV journalists are becoming the real government opposition in the UK and why to keep your eyes on the Nordics.

And we’ll find out who their Heroes of the Week are – and who or what they’ll be telling to Get in the Bin!

Deadline’s Peter White joins us from a Hollywood under curfew to give us the lowdown on this week’s US TV industry news.

And our research partner K7 Media’s Girts Licis gives us the analyst’s view on new  opportunities for producers in lockdown.

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Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.