Best AI Tools for TV Producers

14 Feb, 2024
Best AI Tools for TV Producers

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This week we’re taking another look at the top 10 best AI tools on the market for TV and content producers and we’re delighted to welcome back Jason Mitchell, boss of UK indie the Connected Set to run us through an updated list of tools and their benefits.

You can check them out on screen on our YouTube edition of this episode

10. Topaz Labs for help with noise reduction and sharpening

9. OpusPro for social clip generation

8. Supernormal for taking minutes and allocating actions

7. Spellbook AI legal assistant

6. FilmUStage for drama script analysis

5. Looka AI for basic logo creation

4. Papercup for dubbing

3. Descript for eyeline correction

2. Custom GPTs for creating your own chatbot

1. Adobe Firefly – the superapp of creativity

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