Broadcast & Edinburgh TV Festival

23 Apr, 2020
Broadcast & Edinburgh TV Festival
TellyCast Episode 1

Hi, I’m Justin Crosby and welcome to the very first episode of TellyCast – The TV Industry News Review. Every week on TellyCast I’ll be speaking to the movers & shakers in the international TV industry.

Producers, commissioners, distributors and industry bodies – the names behind some of the biggest hits in TV.

I’ll be chatting to the industry’s most influential journalists to get to get to the heart of the biggest stories affecting the global TV industry.

TellyCast is about the global business of TV so we’ll be having guests on the show from all around the world to hear their viewpoints on what’s happening in their own markets.

In episode 1 of TellyCast, Edinburgh TV Festival’s Creative Director Stewart Clarke and Broadcast magazine’s Editor in Chief Chris Curtis give their thoughts on the week’s TV industry news. And we’ll find out who their Heroes of the Week are – and who’ll they be telling to Get in the Bin!

Deadline’s Hollywood’s Pete White joins us this week and every week from the Tinseltown to give us the LA lowdown on this week’s biggest TV industry news. Also, our research partner K7 Media’s Girts Licis gives us the analyst’s view on a different trend he’s seeing in the global industry every week.

Stories that our guests mentioned;

Cannes Lions
BBC Bitesize


Deadline Hollywood – cancelled shows

Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.