Dozhd TV’s Vera Krichevskaya

16 Mar, 2022
Dozhd TV’s Vera Krichevskaya
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Our guest this week is Vera Krichevskaya, co founder of Dozhd – or TV Rain, the Russian independent TV news channel which made global headlines recently following its closure as a result of new Russian media laws.

Vera is also director of the feature documentary ‘F@ck this Job – Tango with Putin’ that launched recently in cinemas and on BBC iPlayer, which documents the story of the channel and it’s run-ins with the Russian government. In conversation with Boom! PR’s Justin Crosby.

F@ck this Job – Tango With Putin

F@ck his Job – Tango With Putin – BBC iPlayer

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TellyCast is edited by Ian Chambers. Recorded in London.
Music by David Turner, lunatrax. Recorded in lockdown March 2020 by David Turner, Will Clark and Justin Crosby. Voiceover by Megan Clark.

Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.