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18 Jun, 2020
Insight TV & TBI
Insight TV & TBI - TellyCast Episode 9

TellyCast is your go-to source for all the latest news and insights from the world of television. In this episode, we bring you a panel of industry experts who share their views on the current state of the global TV industry.

The latest episode of TellyCast, hosted by Justin Crosby, features an insightful discussion with two prominent figures in the TV industry – Insight TV’s Director of Content and Channels Arun Maljaars & Television Business International‘s Editor Richard Middleton. They join host and founder of Boom! PR Justin Crosby to discuss the latest developments in the global TV industry, covering a wide range of topics from content being pulled from networks post #BlackLives Matter to WaterBear’s lunch plans and the BBC facing even more tighter budgets.

And we’ll find out who their Heroes of the Week are – and who or what they’ll be telling to Get in the Bin!

In addition to Maljaars and Middleton, TellyCast also features insights from Deadline’s Peter White joins us from Hollywood to give us the lowdown on this week’s US TV industry news.

And our research partner K7 Media’s Girts Licis gives us the analyst’s view on new trends on his world tour of production sets restarting and new formats being spawned.

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