ShinAwiL & Realscreen

2 Dec, 2020
ShinAwiL & Realscreen
TellyCast Episode 37

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Larry Bass CEO of one of Ireland’s cross genre production companies ShinAwiL joins editor and content director of Realscreen Barry Walsh and Boom! PR’s Justin Crosby to discuss the Irish TV industry, what to expect at the Realscreen Summit and Discovery Plus.

And we’ll find out their Heroes of the Week – and who or what they’re telling to Get in the Bin!

K7 Media’s Girts Licis reflects on a year of hybrids.

And career coach and wellbeing expert Tracy Forsyth talks us through how to encourage your inner champion.

This week’s links;

Larry’s Story of the Week

Barry’s Story of the Week

Girts’ links

Meeting You

Dimension Nova

TellyCast is edited by Ian Chambers. Recorded in social isolation in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Music by David Turner, lunatrax. Recorded in lockdown March 2020 by David Turner, Will Clark and Justin Crosby. Voiceover by Megan Clark.

Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.