Spice Girls Mel B, Edinburgh TV Festival, Informa & Workshare

22 Apr, 2021
Spice Girls Mel B, Edinburgh TV Festival, Informa & Workshare
TellyCast Episode 55

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Spice Girl Mel B helps blow out our first birthday candle this week with Boom! PR’s Justin Crosby. Plus Creative Director at Edinburgh TV Festival Stewart Clarke, Commercial Director for TBI and Digital TV Europe at Informa Patricia Arescy and Jonathan Broughton MD at Workshare Consulting discuss the results of our survey, the TellyCast/ Workshare Content Industry Monitor.

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TellyCast is edited by Ian Chambers. Recorded in London.

Music by David Turner, lunatrax. Recorded in lockdown March 2020 by David Turner, Will Clark and Justin Crosby. Voiceover by Megan Clark.

*note – this show was recorded just after the birth, but 24 hours before the death of the European Super League

Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.