SVT’s Mikael Osterby & SBS’s Krishan Arora

22 Jun, 2022
SVT’s Mikael Osterby & SBS’s Krishan Arora

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We’re back in France this week for Sunnyside of the Doc, where factual TV producers, distributors and networks are coming together to pitch new projects and find co production partners for tomorrow’s documentaries.

Guests are Mikael Osterby from Swedish public broadcaster SVT and Krishan Arora, consultant for SBS Australia.

Sunnyside of the Doc

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TellyCast is edited by Ian Chambers. Recorded in La Rochelle.

Thanks to Philippe Le Gall & Mathieu Béjot.

Music by David Turner, lunatrax. Recorded in lockdown March 2020 by David Turner, Will Clark and Justin Crosby. Voiceover by Megan Clark.

Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.