Top AI tools for TV producers

20 Sep, 2023
Top AI tools for TV producers

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few months you’ll know that Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionise the way we live and work.

And rather than focusing on the negative assumptions that this technology is going to take all our jobs and destroy the world in some dystopian future, I thought we’d look at the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence right now in the content industry.

So what are the tools that can change the way you work, improve efficiency, create new ideas, help you sell your shows and save you money right now?

Our guests this week are Jason Mitchell, Founder of The Connected Set, Ben Ritchie, Chief Technology Officer for Slate IQ and Dr Sepi Chakaveh, Departmental Lecturer in Data Science at Oxford University and Founder of Pixsellar. In conversation with Justin Crosby.

Jason’s Top 10 AI tools;

10. ChatGPT:

9. Gamma:

8. Imagine AI:

7. Runway – Generation 2:

6. Pictory –

5. Kapwing:

4. Google’s Duet AI for Workspace

3. AutoPod:

2. Tom’s Planner AI pilot:

1. Play HT:

Jason’s webinar- LinkedIn Live Event on Monday 25th October at 1pm BST

Slate IQ


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