NEM Special

9 Sep, 2021
NEM Special
TellyCast Episode 70

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It’s back to physical content markets for the NEM Special show, recorded in Dubrovnik.

Featuring Vlad Riashyn, President of Russia’s Star Media, Gábor Fischer, Programming Director at TV2 Média Hungary, NEM and Pickbox boss Sanja Božić Ljubičić, BossaNova CEO Paul Heaney, NAGRA senior director Tim Pearson and Omdia’s senior director, Media and Entertainment Maria Rua Aguete.

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TellyCast is edited by Ian Chambers. Recorded in Dubrovnik. Thanks to Nina Remenar & Cheryl Clarke.

Music by David Turner, lunatrax. Recorded in lockdown March 2020 by David Turner, Will Clark and Justin Crosby. Voiceover by Megan Clark.

Transcripts for this episode will be available soon.